About Abonnema Foundation

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Who We Are:

Founded in 2004, the Abonnema Foundation is recognized as the advocate for our community and its people. Our members believe in the strong bond which the community provides and liaise or collaborate with individuals, organizations-both private and public to pool resources to promote our legitimate charitable, social, cultural, educational, scientific/technological, and economic interests and advancement.

Our Aims:

The Abonnema Foundation motto: “for Community Goodwill and Action” aims to:

  • Reduce poverty and disease;
  • Provide the enabling platform to promote unity of purpose;
  • Provide a vehicle for organizing and supervising, alone or jointly activities for public opinion evaluation and for the purpose of creating political, economic, general health and welfare awareness; and
  • Provide enabling environment to address, provide relief and seek redress on all issues of importance on behalf of the general members of our Community.

The Abonnema Foundation main office is in Houston, Texas and we maintain offices in other Abonnema community facilities worldwide. We are legally organized as a State of Texas nonprofit corporation for 501[C][3] charitable tax-exempt purposes in the USA.

The vision of Abonnema Foundation is a well-run organization for Community Goodwill and Action, where all members attain their highest charitable potential.

Our Mission:

To advance the educational, cultural, social, scientific/technological, economic and healthy well-being of the Abonnema community through an accountable and committed membership and a skillful proactive Board of Directors.

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