About Abonnema

AbonnemaAbonnema – A town on the Sombreiro River (an outlet of the Niger) was founded about 1882. Abonnema grew to be a flourishing major Nigerian seaport and traditional market centre (fish, cassava, palm produce, plantains, and yams). It became a major exporter of palm oil and kernels after the decline of the slave trade. The town was host to many European companies during the colonial era. Abonnema is inhabited by people of Ijaw descent.

We the people of Abonnema – NYEMONI – (meaning “Covet your own” in the Kalabari language) fondly called “York City” have continued to take pride in our culture and customs.
This pride of place, people and ancestry has promoted the preservation and export of our way of life across the nations of the earth. Today, there is an increasingly changing perception of the personality of the Abonnema people in the Diaspora. The world is getting to recognize that we are a people equipped and endowed to thrive in every platform as responsible global citizens.

We are a hardworking people, despite the myriad of social and economic plague that are endemic to most African societies. The Abonnema people are industrious and resilient; we prosper in the face of overwhelming odds.

We take pride in preserving our culture, our ancestral heritage, values and way of life as we explore every opportunity to showcase our rich culture on the world stage.

We are however, careful enough to instill in our sons and daughters, the enriching and enduring values of brotherliness, social responsibility and a relentless quest for excellence in our every endeavor.

This is the crux of the “enduring spirit” in every Abonnema Son and Daughter

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