Convention Summary


Abonnema Foundation, Inc. 10th annual convention was held on Labor Day Weekend, August 30th thru September 2nd, 2013. This landmark occasion was an opportunity for Abonnema sons, daughters, and supporters to convene from around the globe for a singular purpose – Mobilize resources to improve the lives of our people. We reviewed scorecards for the past year and generated new ideas through dialogue and ideation.

CAUSE 2013: Blood Pressure Exam

The theme of this year’s Abonnema Convention was “Tackle the silent killer – High blood pressure, through education, and resource in Abonnema community”

Stroke and high blood pressure are major causes of death and disability in our community. However, awareness of hypertension and its prevention, treatment, and control remain very low. Abonnema Foundation believes that emphasis on improved surveillance, prevention, and control of high blood pressure and stroke in the community is needed. Thusly, the Foundation aspires to make a difference.

Appreciation Note

The Board of Directors and the entire members of the Abonnema Foundation express their profound gratitude to our host city, Maimi and members of the convention planning committee for a successful convention, 2013.

Thanks to our major sponsors, and unwavering donors for your participation in this year’s convention. Your contribution and commitment to our great city, Abonnema is greatly appreciated.

Because of your love and support, Abonnema Foundation, INC. is striving to greater heights in enriching the lives of her people and we hope with your continued support, together, we can regain our glorious status with smiles on the faces of our people.

May the Almighty God bless you all abundantly!

Omiete (Thank you),
Maggie Jack-Boyle
AF Public Relations

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