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The Abonnema Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving lives across a developing and dynamic Abonnema community. Working through our community facilities worldwide, we address critical issues affecting Abonnema in today’s world by expanding economic opportunity, strengthening governance, empowering women, improving health and education, and increasing environmental resilience.

Our Advocacy: Programs and Campaigns
Abonnema Foundation brings together the combined expertise and collective voice of stakeholders in the community. We develop and implement a range of programs and campaigns led by a knowledgeable and competent board of directors and local leaders.

Our programs and campaigns include:

  • Security and Peace Building
    We will partner with Akuku Toru Local Gov. and other Abonnema patriots to take appropriate measures to sustain increase and even introduce new measures to contain and tackle the sources which breed and encourage insecurity, and thereby consolidate progress.
  • Strategic Employment and Creation
    Employment will remain the central theme of our agenda. Reflecting our strong conviction that deliberate nongovernmental focus and action is needed to stem the tide of rising unemployment, our intervention strategy will combine time-tested and trusted quick-win schemes and long-term plans.
  • Health and Education
    We will focus on education and health of our people, realizing that good outcomes in nutrition, health, and education are development goals in itself, as they directly improve people’s lives.
  • Environment and Urban Renewal
    Environmental sustainability is important to our community as it is to the national and global communities. In managing the environment better, we must respond adequately to the varying challenges associated with erosion and flood control, land degradation, deforestation, and other increasing risks.
  • Other Related Critical Issues
    Over the past 12 years, we have come to a good understanding of the progress and challenges in the management of community
    services in the city of Abonnema. We will ensure that our goals will add vibrancy to the community service by improving the welfare of our people and communities.

Our Approach

Leveraging our longstanding and extensive networks, nurturing new leaders and stakeholders, and drawing on our deep regional expertise, the Abonnema Foundation plays a critical role in advancing Abonnema’s development and social progress.

Talk to Us

To support our advocacy, you can make a donation or become a volunteer.

Looking for other ways to help? Call us at 919-808-0241. We look forward to having you on our team!