For community goodwill and action.

Alaiyi Bob-Manuel

Alaiyi Bob-Manuel

Annually, members and supporters convene from around the globe for the singular purpose of mobilizing resources to improve the lives of the Abonnema people. We review scorecard for the past year and generate new ideas through dialogue and debate and this has become the inspiration to do more for the years ahead.

Driven by the spirit of our ancestors, need and the sacred desire to build a lasting legacy, we possess an unwavering passion to better the lives of our people and thus, pledge to make a difference.

An integral part of the annual convention is the fund raising gala on Saturday, September 1st, at 7:00 pm. During the gala – there will be a Kalabari masquerade display and the Iria dance. This occasion highlights the richness, grace, and the exquisite cultural heritage of the Abonnema/Kalabari people.

The annual convention is the primary venue for fundraising, therefore, its success is intrinsically tied to the Foundation’s ability to execute projects.

As you join us to celebrate, we call on you to donate generously to the cause.